Thursday, 9 February 2012

Baking diary

Can't remember what lit me to start having these baking dreams but since i was handed a hand mixer (in which was given for free) i started searching for different recipes to try from the Internet. Many times i failed, but that didn't stop me from trying again and again. The dream I had on mind was "to make a delicious and healthy foods to encourage people and make them smile with joy..."

1st  attempt     :     Chocolate cake...The taste overall is so-so. The problem with it is that the white egg wasn't beaten until light and white enough. As a result, the egg white separates from the chocolate mixture and sank to the bottom when baked.

2nd  attempt     :     White honey bread...For a beginner, this is great. The air holes showed throughout the bread and the honey essence really helps :)

3rd  attempt     :     Chocolate Chiffon Cake...yet again, wasn't good. Same problem as the first time and has gone worst. The white eggs still sinks.

4th  attempt     :     Chocolate Chiffon Cake... Everything is fine, the cake texture and everything is just like a chiffon cake but the only thing is the taste. I've modified the recipe from a green tea chiffon cake and replaced the green tea powder with cocoa powder. ---> the cake is light and fluffy, sieved 3 times!

5th  attempt     :     Chocolate Brownie... How do I describe it? Hmmmmm... too dark? yea i guess. The recipe calls for 3/4 Cup but i used 1/2 cup. Plus, i have used 100% chocolate (Hershey baking chocolate) and pure cocoa powder, so i guess i forgot this is going to be too dark (hehe) . Next time i will use milk chocolate chips to lighten the taste up and add more sugar! (p.s. cut myself while cutting the almonds >"<) [18.09.11]

6th  attempt     :     Raspberry Tart... Good!. used the recipe from  The tart is crispy and the jam is perfect!. Easy and quick recipe :) [01.10.11]

7th  attempt     :     Raisins scones...I LOVE IT! hot from the oven into my mouth combined with raspberry jam ---> PERFCT! totally adore this.

8th  attempt     :     Chocolate Chip Cookies!... YUM! actually brought it to school and shared it with my frinedzies. So happy my friends do like it and wanted more :D [Namu and Tatu like like like]. Made alot that i ran out of chocolate chips!

9th  attempt     :     Vanilla pound cake...  using plain yogurt to lighten up but it turns out to be like a sour cake, failed :x haha because the recipe is actually from Chobani Greek Yoghurt's website but yogurt from Thailand isn't as thick. And the cake doesn't rise.

10th  attempt     :     Chocolate Fudge Brownie...from LauraInTheKitchen website. This works beautifully, the dark chocolate  and the decreased amount of sugar made an effect, The brownie is rich and dark (but turns out not to be that fudgy)

11th  attempt      :    Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies...LIKE IT LIKE IT, its chewy, and plus healthy! contains oats. followed the recipe on the secret recipe of mrs field cookies on youtube (the fake one) :P

12th  attempt      :     Big day...where do I start? haha, so yea... I went over to Tatu's place and made Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake, Chocolate scones, nutella caterpillar bread, Chocolate chip cookies and Fudge Brownies!!! (which it did not turn out to be as fudgy...again) This is my first time I've ever made Cheesecake so it is new to me. And many times after we started we were short of ingredients like when we made the Cheesecake fillings, and the scones. It requires quite a lot of cream cheese but we decided to ratio it ourselves which turned out to be SHOCKING amazing! (Y) Though normally cheesecake isn't what i preferred out of all other cakes in the store but i finished the whole piece of it within the moment it came out of the fridge! And the cookies are perfect. Very successful day of baking *applause* [22.12.11]

13th  attempt      :    Made...Well, tried to make... S'more's cupcake. But the base isn't cooked thoroughly enough that it doesn't crisp. Need to bake it longer for chocolate to melt and stick to the biscuit base. The chocolate part from MS website is rather bland and not Chocolatey like :(

14th  attempt      :    Had a go at making "Red Velvet Cupcakes" :D Luckily it turned out well and moisted! tomorrow will go ahead and frost them up to hand out :) 

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